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Setting goals is the 1st step in turning the invisible into the visible!

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This is your profile page that only you can see. This section of the website is designed to help you achieve your goals and track your progress. This page holds the key to your success, this page makes you accountable and gives you the starting point that is needed when chasing down those dreams.

The only way you will achieve anything in life is by setting goals. The secret to reaching those goals is to write them down and then to put a plan in place. A goal without a plan is only a wish…………stop wishing for it and start achieving it.

Make sure to record your short term and long term goals in the spaces provided and also your plan on how you will achieve them, e.g. which training program or eating plan you will follow, what other lifestyle changes you will make etc.…

There is also a photo upload feature for you to use. Take these 3 photos with every 2nd assessment. This will show your visual progress and you will be amazed at your body’s transformation over the next few months.

I have included a video demonstrating how to asses yourself, please watch it and fill in your results in the spaces provided. I recommend to initially asses yourself after 4 weeks and then every 6 weeks. This is one of the most important steps in your quest to a healthier new you as it will show that your hard work is paying off. Seeing the results on the screen will be motivating in itself and will keep you going when you have those bad days. Remember, we all have bad days and you will not always feel like doing your session. It is at these times that I beg you to keep going, get that workout in. I guarantee that when you completed that workout you will be delighted you just did it and never gave in.

Remember….consistently sticking to your plan is the key to achieving results

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