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You dont need to belong to a gym to get fit and healthy

People think that they need to join a gym to lose weight and get in shape but you don’t. You can start by making huge changes and seeing results from working out at home. Start by doing an activity that you enjoy, be it playing outside with your kids, playing a sport you enjoy, hill walking or whatever but the important thing is that you get out of breath and build up a sweat. I don’t believe that slow leisurely walk is the way to go if you are serious about losing weight. The human body was designed to walk, its over the last hundred years that we have just become lazy and now think walking is a good enough form of exercise to lose weight. It might have been a long time ago but now we have been eating all these processed foods and loads of sugar in our diets that we really need to get out of the comfort zone to see results.

How much time should you dedicate to exercise per week???

As I said, start by doing something fun or that you enjoy and then move onto a more structured plan, be it at your local gym or a workout plan that be done at home like my 14×14 workout series.
I understand that a lot of us have busy lives and use the excuse of not having enough time to workout but if you do the correct type of training, you can get away with as little 15 min a day. I believe that the frequency of your workouts is more important than the duration. This means that I would I would recommend doing four 15-30 min workouts at a higher intensity per week instead of only doing two 60 min low intensity workouts per week.

Personally, I think the HIIT type of the workouts are the best when it comes to burning fat, toning your body and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Don’t get me wrong, there is a huge place for steady state cardio workouts and your heavy weight training workouts too……I am looking at a workout concept that includes the most benefits’ and can help most people who want get fit and into shape fast….. The other huge benefit about these kind of workouts is that they don’t require much time. HIIT workouts fire up your fat burning engine, your metabolism, this the key to sustainable results. This means that you burn more calories both during your workout but more importantly up to 18 hours after your workout. This is because your body has to work hard to repay the oxygen debt in your system and restore itself to a normal state. This makes HIIT far more superior to steady sate cardio.
Keep in mind that HIIT training can be incorporated into almost types of exercise including walking, running, cycling, weight training or the most popular type world a circuit style training. HIIT training basically involves a short burst of maximal effort followed by a recovery period of either complete rest or low intensity exercise. The maximal effort time could vary from 20 – 45 sec and the rest period could vary from 5 – 20 sec, all depending on which ratio you are working at. An example could be 20/10 , 30/15 , 45/15 , 40 / 20 and then repeat the set or circuit a number of times.

To give to an idea of HIIT circuit style workout, why not try this little burner at home. No equipment needed and only 14 min needed. If you like it, sign up for my free 14×14 workout series where there are 14X14 min workouts and also a 7 day clean eating plan for FREE!!!

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