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Women who lift are sexy

Weight training for women
Weight training for women offers a number of benefits including weight loss and fat burning, improving muscle tone as well as fighting osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Training with weights offers many benefits. First of all, because of its short and long term effects on metabolism, it can help you lose weight and drop body fat % and keep it off. Since you lose less protein and more fat, you will retain the body tone that others lose when going just on a diet with no proper training.

The key point to remember is that any kind of training raises your metabolism (the body’s ability to burn calories) but getting the balance between strength and cardio training is vital. Strength training raises your metabolic rate by not as high as cardio training but keeps it there for 6 hours longer than just cardio training which is great because it means you are still burning calories when at rest in front of the telly….!

Weight training results in increased haemoglobin levels , 25% in both men and women, and increased stroke volume-more blood circulating at any one time. Therefore it increases exercise tolerance and decreases fatigue.

Lifting weights, and even better, lifting relatively heavy weights, is the best way for a women to reshape her body and look trim and fit. While women who lift weights will gain muscle, muscle that will only accentuate their feminine looks, they won’t gain muscles like a man. That’s because they don’t have the hormonal and genetic apparatus to put on muscle like men would.

The bottom line is that training with weights combined with intense cardio bouts accentuates your curves, increases health and strength, and is the best exercise to help you lose body fat and maintain a fit and trim body.

Lifting weights will not make the average women bulky, it may however give you a nicer butt, toned abs, confidence and a positive outlook

An ideal Program to get into weight training is to start the 6 week KickStart program if you are a beginner and then to progress onto the SheStrong program

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