28 Day Fat Shredder

28 Day Fat Shredder

28 Day Fat Shredder

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow….Stop procrastinating

  • Become Leaner, fitter, stronger FAST
  • Lose up to 1 stone and a dress/jeans size in just 28 days
  • In this program I have structured it day by day, making it easier to follow and therefore easy to succeed. Whether you are a complete beginner or a regular gym goer, this plan will deliver your biggest FAT LOSS results.
  • These workouts can be done anywhere, at home or in the gym
  • The key to sustainable FAT loss and not only weight loss is combining both cardiovascular training, (both aerobic and anaerobic) with strength training. The combination is what is key. This is what improves your quality of life and also makes you look your best.This is the ideal program to help you get ready for a big occasion be it a wedding, a birthday party, a summer holiday or just to kick start you on your way to a healthier, leaner new you.

Who is it suited for?

  • This is ideal program that delivers results in only 28 Days

Why is it so effective?

  • By combining strength training with the High Intensity Exercises, you will get the best of both worlds
  • By following the specially designed order in each circuit, you will tone every single muscle group and increase your cardio fitness
  • They will burn more calories than the old school workouts where people spend 60 min doing steady state cardio
  • A huge benefit of these workouts is that causes the afterburn effect, which means you will be torching calories up to 24hrs after your workout ends.

The two key components to achieve sustainable fat loss is to combine a structured training program with an eating plan. One without the other is pointless and only leads to short term results.Please make sure you follow the 28 Day Shredder Eating plan in the Nutrition section. By combining the two, you will fire up your metabolism which means you will lose weight but more importantly you will drop Body Fat, lose centimeters and become fitter, energized and stronger.
The training program is periodical which means it starts off at an easy enough level but progresses each week as you become fitter. This ensures that you don’t reach a training plateau but instead challenges you at just the right intensity. This persiodised structure is what continues to deliver results over the 28 days.

    Please note

  • When performing circuit style workouts, please perform each exercise for 45 sec allowing for a 15 sec rest before starting the next exercise
  • Beginners may start with a 30 sec work period for the 1st week & progress to the 45 sec from week 2
  • You allowed a 90 sec rest after each circuit and must complete each circuit 3 times in the circuit style workouts

This plan is also available as a fitness book with 3 workout DVDs and can be bought at the following link. http://bit.ly/22cTHsV

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