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28 Day Fat Shredder

In this program I have structured it day by day, making it easier to follow and therefore easy to succeed. Whether you are a complete beginner or a regular gym goer, this plan will deliver your biggest FAT LOSS results. This is the ideal program to help you get ready for a big occasion be it a wedding, a birthday party, a summer holiday ....

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HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow….stop procrastinating Become Leaner ,fitter, stronger FAST Lose up to 1 stone and a dress size in just 30 days. This is a circuit based program that fires up your metabolism, torching fat and toning your entire body....

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Warrior Workout - Daily Workout For Him

Taking you out of your comfort zone to deliver phenomenal results The guy with intermediate to advanced level of fitness, wanting to take his training to a new level Challenge yourself daily with every workout Build your ultimate warrior body...

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MissFit Workouts - Daily Workout For Her

It's never too late to become the women you might have been Vary your training daily with a variety of workouts Strength sessions HIIT session Full Body complete conditioning workouts...

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30 day Slimdown

Become Leaner, fitter, stronger FAST Lose up to 1 stone and a dress/jeans size in just 30 days This is a circuit based program that fires up your metabolism, torching fat and toning your entire body These workouts can be done anywhere, at home or in the gym...

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what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable of Become the Man you were born to be……lift like Hercules, look like a Legend Build the ultimate, lean, chiseled physique in just 12 weeks...

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Lifting weights will not make the average women bulky. You may however find yourself with a nicer butt, toned abs, strength, confidence, and a positive outlook. Lift like a man……look like a Goddess A muscular lean, toned body screams health & strength...

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Xtreme 36

A HIIT program that will push you to your limit You will achieve phenomenal results quickly 36 day Program and each workout taking no longer than 36 min Reduce abdominal fat fast A body weight program that can be done anywhere, home, gym or outdoors...

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6 Week KickStart

This is the ideal way to Kick Start your quest for a healthier, leaner, new you!! By combining this training program with one of our eating plans, clients have dropped up to 2 dress sizes, and lost up to 20lbs....

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