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Food is the most abused drug……exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant

A huge part of achieving any result will be your nutrition. It is absolutely pointless to exercise if you don’t make an effort to eat correctly. I have therefore included a variety of structured Eating plans that you can follow. There are Clean Eating plans, gluten free plans and Darin’s 4 week Fat Shredder (also known as the Caveman diet). There is so much out there regarding which diet is best. Everyone is different and their bodies will respond to certain types of foods. It is however essential that you complete each phase of the diet to give it a fair chance and see the results to determine which suits you.

I have put together Darin’s 4 week Fat Shredder plan that I have used with huge success over the last few years with clients. This particular eating plan is a 2 phase plan. Phase 1 is pretty much the Paleo diet or caveman diet and phase 2 is a clean eating plan. On this plan you can expect to lose up to 18lbs and a clothes size in the 30 days. It’s the ideal way to kick start your healthy eating routine.

I have also drawn on the services of one of the best nutritionist in the business. Lynda McFarland has devised a gluten free eating plan and also clean eating plans with some delicious recipes.

Food is the most abused drug……exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant

Lynda McFarland – Nutritionist & Chef (Bio)

lyndaI 100% agree with the old adage “you are what you eat” but the problem nowadays is that most people don’t know what to eat; there are so many conflicting messages in the media and amongst nutritionists and health professionals and to top this off, a lot of food is processed to such an extent that the enzymes are destroyed and the body can’t do anything with it, let alone digest and absorb its nutrients.

Rather than depress the people I work with by advising on a long list of foods to EXclude, I prefer to keep it positive and concentrate on what foods to INclude…and there are lots!

I am a big fan of traditional farming and preservation methods and traditional processes to make food more digestible so I recommend organic veg, dairy, eggs and meat, sourdough breads, raw local honey, using the whole animal such as offal and bones for broth and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt and kombucha. I think tropical fruits are a great source of enzymes and highly digestible. The areas I like to work on are digestion, immunity, weight control and energy levels and I find, once given the right foods and nutrients, the body is amazing at naturally healing itself and bouncing back.

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