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  • To all the rugby players who signed up,@rory, @ruairi @james-3,@martin…please start with phase 4 of the Hercules program today. Make sure to add at least 3 x 15 min Interval run session per week onto of these workouts. Start with a 3 min jog and then do 12 min of 40 sec sprint with a 20 sec rest.

  • To all Bucs rugby players. @rory @ruairi,@martin,@james-3, and an6y Bucs plrugby players that have signed up to the website. Please start with the Hercules Phase 3 program on 25 July. let me know if you have any questions and make sure to add an additional 10 min interval run at the end of 3 of the weight session every week.

  • Darin Claasen posted an update 4 years ago

    @rory and @james-3, Please start with Phase 2 of the Hercules program,. Follow that for 3 weeks. Thats the minimum requirement for training for this phase, I would recommend adding 10 min Cardio at the end of each workout.let me know when you are on your last week so I can prescribe your next phase of training. Contact me if you have any questions.

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