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  • @declan, check out the #Man-up workouts in the Warrior workout section. They are full video workouts that you can do at home using dumbells.

  • Yes @declan, I have a few programs to record in the next 2 months…. Any specific programs you want?

    • A men’s strength programme you can do at home with dumbells or kettlebell would be great. Been using the 28 day fat shredder, xtreme36 and HIIT workouts and they have been great

  • Hi Team, I have recently just launched the live version of the 28 Day FAT SHREDDER……PLEASE join us at the following secret facebook group. I will be providing 24/7 support and you can share ideas with othersin the group

  • Hi Team, I have uploaded the full #14×14 Kickstarter workout series to the HIIT section. These are 14 min full workout videos where you train with me . No equipment is needed and its only 14 min for 14 days.

  • @fionnuala…here are your new workouts. They are all in the MissFit section. They are Legs,HIIT & Core, Bums & tums #2, Sweat sesh #1 and 31 min HIIT Circuit.

  • To all the rugby players who signed up,@rory, @ruairi @james-3,@martin…please start with phase 4 of the Hercules program today. Make sure to add at least 3 x 15 min Interval run session per week onto of these workouts. Start with a 3 min jog and then do 12 min of 40 sec sprint with a 20 sec rest.

  • To all Bucs rugby players. @rory @ruairi,@martin,@james-3, and an6y Bucs plrugby players that have signed up to the website. Please start with the Hercules Phase 3 program on 25 July. let me know if you have any questions and make sure to add an additional 10 min interval run at the end of 3 of the weight session every week.

  • @rory and @james-3, Please start with Phase 2 of the Hercules program,. Follow that for 3 weeks. Thats the minimum requirement for training for this phase, I would recommend adding 10 min Cardio at the end of each workout.let me know when you are on your last week so I can prescribe your next phase of training. Contact me if you have any questions.

  • To the Bucs Rugby players who have joined the website for pre season conditioning. I want you start with Phase 1 of the Hercules program. Follow that program for 2 weeks and then Phase 2 for 4 weeks after that. I will let yo know what program to follow after that. Get in touch if you have any questions. Darin

  • Hi Folks, Please contact me if you need advice on which programs you should be following.

  • @ronan….How is the training going? Are you still following the Hercules program?


  • @kim….Here are your new workouts to work from. Alternate between these. Day 16 & 23 from the fat shredder program, Bum and Tums #1 in the Miss Fit section. #bePhenomenal

  • @fionnuala….Here are your next batch of workouts to follow for the next 4 weeks.Day 14,16 & 23 from the 28 Day fat shred program and Crazy Cardio #4 from the Missfit section.

  • @fionnuala…Here are the workouts I want you concentrate on for the next 4 weeks. In the gym you can do the following, Bums & Tums 1, Crazy Cardio 1 and then Full Body 4. These are all in the MissFit section. At home, you can alternate between Day1 and Day 8 of the Fat shredder program.

  • @kim, these are the 3 workouts I want you concentrate at home for the next 3 weeks. Alternate between the 3 of them. They are all in the Miss Fit section. Dumbell 750 rep workout, HIIT & Core and Day 14 from the 28 Day Fat shredder. Well done on the fantastic results from the 28 Day shredder plan.

  • Welcome to new members who just joined. Please contact me here or join my facebook group at the following link , ,for info or questions regarding your training.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience for the videos not playing, it is been sorted asap.

  • Hi to all the new clients who recently joined the website. Please dont hesitate to contact me via this page or via email if you have any questions or if you need any advice regarding your training.

    • Just joined this morning and have only managed a quick look at workouts and meals etc for the 28day sheet and am very excited and feel motivated to get started already!

  • @David-4….Here are the workouts you should do for the next 4 weeks. They are all in the Warrior section. Full body 550 rep, Full body #4, Full body # 5, Chest,BACK, arms & sweat.

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