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Members Hangout

Members Hangout

Our members hangout area is our social page where members can interact with each other and share ideas on training and nutrition plans.This is one of a kind feature on a fitness website where you can connect with like minded people.

It works in a similar way to how the facebook newsfeed works where you can upload your status for your friends to see.

You can add friends, comment on their posts and favorite their comments. You can also tag them in your posts by using the “@” symbol before their user name.

There are also pre made group chats where members can chat about specific topics.The Group topics are Results, Training programs and Nutrition plans.This allows members to chat with each other regarding the specific topics.

An example is the Results Topic. This area encourages members to share their results and also how they went about in achieving them. Which training program they followed and which eating plan they followed. This is extremely valuable tool as it shows that success is possible and the steps necessary to achieve them.It allows members to connect with each other and ultimately share ideas what was needed to achieve the results.

Each member will have their own profile that they can edit and update.This will include a profile Photo, favorite quote and the current fitness program they are following.

I encourage all members to use this feature, add friends and participate in the chats and “Hangout area”. This is a very unique feature and probably one of its kind on the world wide web on a fitness website. Use it to connect with like minded people, share your success to help others reach their goals.

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