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DC Fitness thoughts on low GI foods

The 6 key facts for a muscle building eating plan.


Low glycemic (also known as Low GI) foods release glucose from digested carbohydrates into the bloodstream at a relatively slower rate than high GI foods.
The problem with eating food with a high glycemic index is that they cause our blood glucose level to suddenly rise. In order to deal with the sudden blood glucose spike, our pancreas produces a large amount of insulin – insulin converts glucose in the blood to other forms for storage.
This high amount of insulin produced causes glucose levels in the blood to suddenly crash, and this makes us feel very hungry, even though we may have just eaten not long before.
This is why eating high GI foods, especially refined and processed food products like sugary soda drinks, sugary foods, white bread, rice, commercial cereals and beer, often causes serious weight problems, as it feeds the cycle of eat-hunger-eat-hunger.

Low GI foods are friendlier on the body .

The majority of natural whole foods, such as fruits, grains, legumes and vegetables, contain complex carbohydrates and take longer to break down into glucose. This gives them their low GI score and promotes a more moderate rise in blood glucose level which is sustained over a longer period of time.
Low GI foods means they have a score off 55 or less on the GI scale. These foods release glucose into our bloodstreams at a steady and sustained rate, keeping our body’s metabolic processes and energy levels balanced.

We would thus feel fuller for longer periods of time after eating and not end up over eating.

The health benefits of low GI foods .

• Appetite control – low GI foods help to keep you full for longer.
• Decreases the risk of cancer, a study showed that consumption of white bread and cereals high in sugar for breakfast over a sustained period of time increases the risk of cancer; it is also well-known that cancer cells feed on sugar.
• Lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. A diet of low GI foods can significantly lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. It can help control the condition for those people who already suffer with diabetes.
• They help control glucose levels in the blood.
• They lower the risk of heart disease – those who followed a diet of low GI foods for several years had significantly lower risk of getting coronary heart disease.
• GI foods helps with weight loss and maintenance of healthy weight.

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