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DC Fitness Protein Balls

A quick & easy recipe for DC Fitness protein balls.

A 10 minute recipe for the ideal post workout snack -

Ingredients to make 12 balls.

* Crushed hazelnuts, small handful

* Whey powder, 7 scoops

* Raw almonds, ground – 100g

* Coconut, ground – 100g

* Raw cacao, 15g

* Maple syrup – a splash

* Vanilla essence – Few drops

* Coconut milk – 1/2 Cup


– Place half the crushed nuts to one side

– Combine the rest of the nuts and ingredients together in a bowl

– Slowly add the coconut milk to form a thick dough.

– Put the mix into the fridge

– When its cooled, roll into balls, wetting your hands a little will help.

– Roll the protein balls in the rest of your hazelnuts

Enjoy your DC Fitness protein balls!!!

3. Approx Nutritional values per ball.

125 kcal

10g Protein

4g Carbs

8g Fat

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