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This is not a quick fix. This is a permanent change

This is not a quick fix….. This is a permanent change

The key to sustainable FAT loss and not only weight loss is combining both cardiovascular trainings, both aerobic and anaerobic, with Strength training. The combination is what is key, this is what improves your quality of life and also makes you look your best. The problem with only following a cardio program like long steady state cardio is that your metabolism goes back to its original state after about 2 hours. With a combination of strength Training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval training), your metabolism will be fired up for up to 24 hrs after your workout, meaning that you continue to burn calories while watching tv. Most of my programs will include both strength training (Body weight or Free weights) with High-Intensity exercises.

A huge part of achieving any result will be your nutrition. It is absolutely pointless to exercise if you don’t make an effort to eat correctly. I have therefore included a variety of structured Eating plans that you can follow. There are clean eating plans, gluten free plans, and Darin’s 4 week Fat Shredder which is very similar to the Paleo diet (also known as the Caveman diet). There is so much out there regarding which diet is best. Everyone is different and their bodies will respond to certain types of foods. It is, however, essential that you complete each phase of the diet to give it a fair chance and see the results to determine which suits you. I have worked closely with one of the best nutritionist around in Lynda McFarland, she has put together some of the eating plans with delicious recipes to follow.

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