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Darin Claasen FitnessI qualified as a Personal Trainer from the Exercise Teachers Academy based at the Sport Science Institute Of South Africa in 2000. I started my Personal Training at a private studio in Cape Town in 2001, where I gained valuable experience working with people of all ages and fitness levels. In 2004, I relocated to Ireland on a rugby contract. I am a sports enthusiast having excelled in both rugby and athletics and have worked with various teams including the Galway Minor Football team and Corinthians Rugby Senior Team.

I believe that exercise should not only form part of a sportsman’s routine, but should also be a part of everyone’s life, no matter what the age or fitness level.

I am passionate about health and fitness and find it very rewarding in helping others change their lives through exercise and nutrition. I have seen first hand how becoming healthier and fitter physically has helped clients in all aspects of life. Not only have clients looked and felt their best, but they have become more successful in all aspects of life, including their family life and their business life.

With this website, I have put together all the tools you need to succeed in one place. From assessing yourself, goal setting and then following a structured plan both with training and nutrition to help you achieve your goals.

I have designed periodized training programs for everyone, whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or at an advanced level. There are training plans to be done at home with no equipment, or programs to be completed in your local gym. I have seen on so many occasions that one of the biggest problems in big commercial gyms is that clients become only a number and get forgotten about. In most cases, they are given outdated training programs, therefore they don’t see results and stop going to the gym after a few weeks. My goal is to help you continue with your new lifestyle by giving you access to periodized training plans with updated training concepts. The fact that the programs are up to date and periodized makes sure you don’t reach a training plateau, but instead continues to challenge you and help you sustain your results.

Whatever your goals, with my expertise and your commitment and sweat……..your biggest results will be achieved.
Not only will you look your best, you will be more energetic, happier, healthier and exude confidence!!!

Make the commitment now, invest in yourself and start your quest to a healthier life.

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